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Our Projects

Working with City and County governments, Western Iowa Tech Community College, Cherokee Community School District, Cherokee Area Economic Development Corp. and the Cherokee Chamber of Commerce, Cherokee Industrial Corporation has invested in a number of significant projects.

The ability to access rail for transportation is vital to several area businesses. Cherokee Industrial Corp. has maintained a rail spur which is serviced by CN Railroad and is located on the south side of Cherokee. Quad County Corn Processors (QCCP), an ethanol plant located in Galva, Iowa, had need of a means to utilize rail to transport ethanol. Cherokee Industrial Corporation invested in the design, construction and ongoing maintenance of a transload facility at which ethanol is safely transferred from tankers to rail cars. Ethanol began flowing through the transload facility in late March 2012. QCCP is a valuable partner purchasing corn from area growers, providing jobs to area residents and producing ethanol contributing to energy independence. In addition, the DDG by-product of ethanol production is a valuable feed for dairy cows.


Cherokee Industrial Corporation

107 South 2nd Street

PO Box 913

Cherokee, IA 51012